Read Before: Posting a Unban Request

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Read Before: Posting a Unban Request Empty Read Before: Posting a Unban Request

Post by Caveman656 on Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:50 pm

Posting a Unban Request

Only post here if you..

If you're the one that is banned.
If You're ban is longer then 24 hours.

Some rules about this thread:

Never flame, never promote flaming.
Do not keep posting here, one post will do.
Do not post Worthless posts. (Hes my friend, and people love him)
Title is somewhat descriptive.(Name, Reason)

Breaking theses rules will promote in getting banned from the forums depending on how long is decided by you're post.

How to post the unban thread.

Ingame Name:
Ban Reason:
Ban Length:
Admin who banned you:
Why we should unban you:


Ingame Name:Caveman656
Ban Reason:Being to cool
Ban Length:1 week
Admin who banned you:Ratpick
Why we should unban you:Come on I'm not that cool.

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